Monday, 29 April 2013

5 Characteristics of Businesses that provide high standard Customer Care

Customer service is an integrate part of an successful business. It is important to any business serious about the welfare of its customers, and it has proved to be a good tool for increasing sales, building customer loyalty and profit making in the long run.

Frank Atkinson identified the hallmarks of businesses that are serious about taking care of their customers

  1. They  provide value for their customers. You want your customers to have the best product or service that their money can buy.
  2. They follow up on customers. They provide after service to help customers maximize the benefits of the product or service
  3. They provide a friendly environment for business. Customers love dealing with friendly businesses
  4. They respond quickly. They know the impact of not attending to customers' demands on any business, hence they are quick to attend to any enquiries.
  5. They do regular appraisal. They appraise their  services regularly in order to improve on customer  experience through their products or services.
We are all customers, treat your customers they way you want other businesses to treat you.

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