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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Starting a Business: Between Desirability and Financial Resources

In both developed and developing countries, entrepreneurship has been advocated as a means of bridging the gap between the poor and the rich. It been the driving force for economic development especially in capitalist countries. However, the rates of growth of entrepreneurship between developing and developed nations have raised some concerns that seem to suggest that poverty prevents people from starting a business. The implication of this is that poor people who are predominant in developing nations lack the financial resources to engage in entrepreneurial activities. Again, from studies done especially in Nigeria, most people believe that the reason they can't be entrepreneurs is because they lack the financial resources to do so.

For obvious reasons, this argument/believe is faulty. First, starting a business or being entrepreneurial is more of an attitude than it is of financial resources. Those who engage in entrepreneurial activities are driven either by the strong desire to succeed or to meet needs within the society. Secondly, there is no empirical evidence yet to suggest that being rich or having a rich background guarantees success in entrepreneurial activities. Moreover, many entrepreneurs in Nigeria succeeded through determination and hard work, although this two factors seems to be fueled by the desire not to be poor.

No doubt financial capital is important for starting any business, but the desire to go into business and the attractiveness of the business opportunity that exist is more important hence, aspiring entrepreneurs must focus on their psychological needs rather than their financial needs. Entrepreneurs need to have the right mindset, ask the right questions, develop a business plan, and implement a strict business strategy in order to start and succeed in business.

When a good opportunity is identified, it paves the way for financial resources. With the right perception, attitudes, and beliefs an entrepreneur is set to launch out.