Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Why Investors are Rushing to Africa

"Africa is growing: Out of the top 10 most important investment destinations today, six are in Africa. [Among those are] Kenya, Angola, South Africa and Nigeria. There is huge potential right now. Everybody is rushing towards it because Africa now has a more stable political climate than ever before. Furthermore, nearly all developed countries are finding it extremely difficult to grow, but Africa is expected to grow probably at 6% in the coming years" Read more: Business Insider

Athough African is not as developed as the rest of the world, there abounds alot of opportunities waiting to be explored. Unfortunately, foreign investors seems to see what we can't see in our land. They are rushing to tap into what mother Africa has got. Its time Africans begin believing in Africa and the opportunities it holds. 
Each country in Africa has its own advantage, and its time to explore them.

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