Thursday, 23 August 2012

Being customer focus doesn’t sell anymore pt 2

When businesses decide to be customer focus, their objective is simple: Control. They want to control the customer to do what they want – buy. Today, consumers no longer want to be controlled. They want products and services that add more value to their lives, and meet their needs – both stated and unstated needs.

In a people focus business, your aim is not to control or satisfy your business interest but to meet the need of the ‘person’ not just the customer. It means making your product or service do more by allowing the users maximize the resources invested - time, money, emotion etc. It involves integrating all the values that makes an individual more effective and efficient in life. For instance, you have a mobile phone, your need as a consumer of that hand-set is to make calls or communicate. But as a person, your need is that of living a comfortable and peaceful life. Hence, phone manufacturers add more services to your phone to meet your life needs not just the need to make calls. Thus, you can buy and sell through your phone, surf the web, store tons of information etc.

Is this the same as Corporate Social Responsibility? No. CSR is a tool mainly for building brand equity/business image. You can do anything good to build your brand equity, but it doesn’t make you people focus. In a people focused business, your target is to see the individual get all the desired benefits from the product in a commercially viable way.

Do you think you have met all the requirements that will make your offer to a person irresistible?

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