Wednesday, 11 July 2012


The strength of a good business person is not tested by the task you engage yourself in, but the team you have carefully selected to help you execute that task. If you understand that there is little you can do by yourself, but so much you can do when you have quality people around you, then you will value the role a team plays in achieving your target.

In one of Donald Trump's episodes of the 'Apprentice', the two finalist were asked to choose between a task and a team. Brandy one of the contestants, chose a team while Clint chose a task. Though both contestants were outstanding in their managing of the different task, Brandy won the competition with a team of 3 people as against 4 for Clint.

When both were asked the reason for their decisions, Clint wanted to impress Mr Trump with his management ability so he chose the task, whereas Brandy focus on having the right people work with her to achieve the target.

What lessons can we draw from here:
1. A team is more important than a task. Focus more on who can complement you efforts, the task will naturally fall in place.

2. A team can handle a task, but a task cannot handle a team. Barcelona FC as a football club is more successful than others because of their compatibility as a team. It was said that without a coaching experience, anybody can use the Barcelona team to win trophies.

3. A team focuses on strength of each member. The essence of team building is to harness the areas of strength of each member. The weakness in a team member is complemented by the strength in another.

4.Teams makes a task possible/achievable. Once you have the right set of people, your task is as good as completed.

In life, make the selection of team members the most important aspect of your responsibility, every other thing will fall in place. That does not mean that the right team will always win, but the rate of success will be more than failure.

Businesses strive on getting the right team to work with them, you too can do the same.

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