Monday, 8 April 2013

What Successful Entrepreneurs Do Differently

Being an entrepreneur is now common. Once you are in business, you are assumed to be an entrepreneur. But what really separates a successful entrepreneur from others? From the experiences of various successful CEOs, Robert Scoble identified in an interview what gave them an edge over others, you can observe a trend, and a model which you can adopt to become successful too.

Below is a list of some of the things successful entrepreneurs do differently:

They develop the Capacity to act on their Visions: 
True visions are too big and scary for ordinary entrepreneurs to achieve. Almost every CEO has a vision of what they really want, but very few can act on that vision. Vision by itself can accomplish nothing until it is acted upon. Successful entrepreneurs consciously develop the determination and courage to make their dreams a reality. While many CEOs have visions, successful ones take actions on theirs.  

They create a System: 
Imagine working for Apple or Google, these two companies have some unique system that stand them out from other companies. It is so strong that you don't need to work with them to know it. You cannot successfully build a business that does not have a unique "lifestyle" that every stakeholder recognizes.System creates structure in any business, and it lives even when every employee is gone, including you. Don't just run or manage a business, create a system. 

They Listen and Act: 
One of the qualities of a good leader, is the ability to listen. Entrepreneurs are leaders who point to the direction of solution. Good CEOs are never satisfied with what they want to tell their customers, they also want to listen, and take action on the feedback provided by their customers.Don't be good at telling customers about your product or business goals, allow them have their say also. 

They are resilient: 
If you want to be successful in your business, quitting should never be an option. While it may be easy to start up a business, remaining in the business through the ups and downs is what makes it thick. Entrepreneurs remain steadfast in any task the undertake, they have learn to look beyond the past crisis, and continue into the future. Successful entrepreneurs are those that simply refused to give up. 

They refused to be distracted: 
It is very easy to lose focus when your business is running but one thing I have seen great CEOS do is to remain focused on their goals. They don't allow success take them away from other things they hope to achieve, neither will they allow disappointment to redirect their efforts. 

They can communicate their plans: 
Nobody is in a better position to communicate the objectives of a business than its CEO. Good entrepreneurs know how to communicate to consumers, employees, and other stakeholders about the product or services, business strategies and future ambitions. 

They spend time learning about consumer: 
Consumers demography changes, so is their needs. CEOs who know this spend more time studying about how to keep up with the trend as consumers change.

Business is about innovation, uniqueness, and doing things differently, not about having an establishment. There are so many things you can do differently about your business to achieve your goals.

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