Wednesday, 15 October 2014

3 Components of Interactive Advertising Campaigns on SNS

Social networking sites (SNS) have proved to be a veritable tool for organisations and advertising agencies to narrow their campaigns to the most relevant audience. Aside from the personal feelings, it can be used to promote brands, products and services. This platform creates more opportunities for brand engagement as well as provides opportunity for advertisers to gather personal information of their audience for use in future campaigns. . Research has shown that some interactive elements in an SNS campaign can be used to elicit self-disclosure from consumers.

Guda van Noort of Amsterdam school of communication research and colleagues discussed 3 major components of interactive advertising campaigns.
     1.     Advertising: This is used to generate traffic for the campaign, and it serves as the door leading to the action page of SNS campaign. The come in form of banners or advertorial on the brand’s website.

     2.      The Campaign: When consumers log in into a social network site, they are presented with an interactive campaign in a quiz or battle game format, some also come in form of text or video of product. Here, the user is expected to perform an action. If the user finds it interesting and enjoyable, there is a higher chance that it will lead to the next component.

    3.      Viral or Tell a Friend: This third component allows users to share the campaign with friends. One of the unique features of a social media platform is the ability to share content with those within their network.

Social media campaigns are gradually taking over traditional methods of advertising, and many corporations are taking advantage of it. Though it doesn’t always guaranty success, but if properly done, the returns are great. Small businesses must begin to take their social media platforms more seriously than before

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