Tuesday, 19 June 2012


I was watching the formal opening of one of Apple’s shop in china, and I was surprise how customers can love a brand so much as to travel thousands of miles just to be the first to experience the grand opening. Initially, it did not make a lot of sense to me but when I saw the passion and the love they have for Apple and its products, I knew it wasn’t just the quality of the product but the kind of customer experience the company has created.
For me, that was another level of brand loyalty. Having your customers love your company and product, and above all, going home with that experience they can’t get from anywhere else is they whole essence of business. And it starts from making the customers satisfied.
When customers love you, they stick with you, brag about you and will be ready to defend you no matter the situation. To achieve this,
  •          Create a company culture that revolves round your customers
  •          Pay attention to their needs
  •          Proffer solutions to their problems
  •          Build a quality customer relationship.
·         Create a quality customer experience. Give them a reason to come back.
Having a quality product and a compelling marketing campaign is not enough, anyone can do that. The customers want a relationship and an experience with you. They value that more that just the product. That will make your customers fall in love with your company and product

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