Thursday, 12 July 2012


As a small business owner, you may never satisfy you customers until you understand their needs. And you will never understand their needs until you understand their language. Take a look at your business very well, the only thing that may be separating you from profitability may be your understanding of the needs of the customers. Studies have shown that consumers sometimes don't know what they really want, and if they don't know what they want, it becomes difficult to meet their needs.

For instance, what means satisfaction, quality service or good product to you, may not mean the same to the customer.

As a consumer, I may not be able to tell what I want, but I know what I don't want if you give it to me.

To deal with this problem, SMEs need to:

1. Make the customer feel relaxed.
A warm greeting can do that. In fact mere asking, 'How are you?' can make a
customer feel relaxed and welcomed.

2. Learn to ask Why, What, When and Where
Most times, the 'Why?' which is the reason they need your product puts you on the
same page with them. Even when the customers tend to know exactly what they want, asking questions can reveal more about the need of the customer.

3. Know the factors that shape human needs
Factors like social class, culture, religion, money etc. must be taken seriously
because they have a way of shaping how we think, behave and even relate with others.

You can be in business, growing customers and yet not speak the same language with your customers. Believe it or not, customers have a language they speak, and only those who understand the language win the market. Just because every customer has a need, does not mean they all have the same need.

Every customer has a language he or she speaks, deal with them individually and always ensure you really understand what they need before you make an offer. DON'T LET LANGUAGE DIVIDE YOU AND CUSTOMER

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